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Other Artefacts

This section unites personal items of First and Second World Wars’ soldiers and here is everything that could be in pockets, duffel bags and bread bags and also everything that is not related to other sections for some reasons. In this section you can find decorations for staff living and working spaces, jewelries, musical instruments and self-defense devices. Here we have a letter weight shaped like Imperial Eagle with a wreath in his claws, bronze bust of brave Wehrmacht soldier, candlestick made of Wehrmacht officer sabre, wall panels with Adolf Hitler image and many other items.

Lighters, gloves, sleeve badges, table plates, cigarette cases, gas masks, backpackers are highly worth notice. Different armbands that were very popular in Nazi Germany are also related to that section.

Besides this section contains a big collection of post cards produced in the first half of XX century. Most of these postcards are produced in Germany and represent propaganda streams of that period though it keeps also historical and scientific meaning. Here is also great aviation related post cards produced by famous English publisher Salmon Ltd.

Another half of this section is dedicated to photos and personal documents. Here you can find a great amount of death (mortuary) certificates of German soldiers. There are also greatly saved press photos of NSDAP party and Wehrmacht’s leaders and many kinds of leaflets (some of them are really rare) distributed among Soviet soldiers by Germans in that section.

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